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Kotlomontazh LLC offers cooperation to Ukrainian and foreign partners

The companies that are members of the Zaporizhzhya Chamber of Commerce and Industry are already ready to plan their participation in the great reconstruction of our country.
As Mykhailo Grechuha, director of Kotlomontazh LLC, notes, the company has the ability and desire to create on its own areas of modern production of any industrial and technological direction together with foreign manufacturers, but the possibility and necessity of using their technologies, as well as samples of the necessary production equipment. For example, production for high-rise freight and passenger elevators, gas/electric boilers with placement on roofs or near buildings, etc.

Kotlomontazh LLC has been a manufacturer of metal structures and technological equipment in the city of Zaporizhia since 2015.
Currently, despite the difficult situation in the country, the company has the opportunity to repair and manufacture the following products

  • building metal structures (beams, trusses, columns, stairs, platforms);
  • welded pipelines and gas pipelines;
  • economizers and parts of heating surfaces of industrial boilers
  • welded parts of pipelines with a diameter of up to 2100 mm (leads, transitions, tees, compensators);
  • shut-off fittings D15-1200 mm (latches, valves, valves, shutters)
  • welded and cast bodies, with various types of seals (rubber, metal and others);
  • deaerator tanks;
  • mixers and separators;
  • gas cleaning equipment (filters, cyclones);
  • filling and pumping stations;
  • technological capacities up to 75 m3;
  • non-standard equipment according to the customer’s drawings.

Site: Tel. +38 (050) 341 55 65