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Bereznevy ln., 9, Zaporizhzhia, 69089

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The company “EcoASTRA”, founded in 1998, brings to your attention joint developments of foreign and domestic specialists in the field of organic farming. Thanks to the joint efforts of “EcoASTRA” specialists and NGO “Temp Ltd.Co.”, it was possible to develop and master products for organic farming by farms. The average production turnover of which did not allow to apply organic farming technologies on their cultivated territories.

Now it became possible:

Increase yield without using modified seeds.

Reduce the consumption of potash and nitrogen fertilizers.

To produce ecologically clean products with a low content of nitrates.

Renovate the edge after planting resource-intensive crops (rape, sunflower, corn, etc.).

Maintain high yields of resource-intensive crops (rape, sunflower, corn, etc.).