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Cluster «Engineering-Automation-Mechanical-Engineering»‎


4 Tsentralnyi blvd., Zaporizhzhia, 69005

Cluster «Engineering-Automation –Mechanical-Engineering»‎ is a non-profit public union that unites entrepreneurs of the region on a voluntary basis.

The association was established in 2020 at the initiative of the Zaporizhzhia Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Zaporizhzhia Polytechnic National University, and leading companies in the region operating in the industrial engineering, automation, and mechanical engineering sectors. The community includes more than 20 companies.

We strive to support business sustainability during the martial law period and expand its access to Ukrainian and international markets.

Cluster mission

Growing the economic potential of Zaporizhzhia region by increasing the competitiveness of cluster members and developing the regional innovation ecosystem of industrial high-tech sectors. The IAM cluster is based on the cooperation of a wide range of players in the following economic sectors: Engineering, Automation, Machine Building.

Goals and objectives.

  1. Establishing broad cooperation between all categories of cluster members to produce high-tech products with high added value, as well as joint implementation of engineering projects.
  2. Increase competitiveness and export potential through better and joint implementation of existing export support instruments and creation of new opportunities.
  3. Jointly addressing the region’s complex issues in the field of industry and high technology, such as staff retention, skills and qualifications, investment attraction, and job creation.
  4. Addressing issues of process improvement at enterprises and organisations participating in the EAM cluster.
  5. Better cooperation and synergy with regional authorities and local governments.

What are the main activities of the Cluster?

– Strengthening the Cluster’s position, recovery and development of member companies.

– Integration into international value chains.

– Improving internal competencies, training programmes for the management of Cluster member companies.

– Development of joint products.

What are the benefits of participating in the Zaporizhzhia IAM Cluster?

Increased competitiveness: together, it is easier to enter foreign markets, form a package of services, and cooperate in the development of new products and technologies.

Development and use of common cluster assets: information resources, joint participation in exhibitions.

Expanding the network of contacts: membership in the Cluster allows companies to increase their network of contacts and find new partners for cooperation.

Professional development of employees: The Cluster organises trainings, seminars and masterclasses for the staff of member companies.

Joint fundraising: We work on attracting investments from international funds to implement projects.

The cluster structure includes, but is not limited to, representatives:

– Developers, manufacturers, and engineering companies – as the main drivers of Industry 4.0 innovations.

– Industrial enterprises from the engineering sector.

– Technical universities and other educational institutions.

– Industrial and technology parks.

– Local chambers of commerce and industry.

– Regional authorities and local governments.

– Regional development agencies.

– Development funds.

– National business associations in the declared areas of specialisation.