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Nastroy LLC

Nastroy LLC was founded in 1993. There are only qualified experts in our team, who specialize in building construction design surveying, evaluation of its engineering status as well as strength analysis of civil and industrial buildings and constructions under both – regular and close soil conditions.
There are two Doctors of Science and certified specialists with extensive experience in construction, design and scientific activities work as a part of our organization.
Material and technical basis of the company is constantly updated with the latest measuring and testing tools of foreign and domestic manufacture, which lays the groundwork for a certified laboratory.
Nastroy has at its disposal a fleet of modern computer technology, equipped with licensed software.
During the years of the company existence various types of work have been completed at more than 8,000 objects. Availability of modern equipment, a wide range of computer facilities, a large library of standard series and professional literature, including in electronic form, allow you to work efficiently and in a short time.