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Krugova str., 165, Zaporizhzhia, 69068

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The main area of ​​activity is the sale of electrical products. The nomenclature list of goods includes more than 10,000 items, including:
– cable and conductor products in a large assortment (ShVVP, PVS, VVG, AVVG, AVBbShv, PV1, PV3, KG, SIP, etc.);

– low-voltage equipment of the trade mark ASKO UkrEM;

– lighting equipment (lamps, spotlights and lamps);

– everything for electrical cabinets and electrical panels (cases, circuit breakers, fuses, control posts, electrical measuring devices);

– electrical installation products (sockets, switches);

– everything for electrical installation (cable laying systems, terminals, tires, terminal blocks, oil seals, fastening products, boxes, heat-shrinkable tube);

– tools for electrical installation and computer networks

and more.