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The private enterprise production and commercial firm «Polymer» is presented on the market of ECO laundry powders under its own brand TRONA

Due to the high quality of our product, we compete with well-known global ECO brands. The cost of our product is competitive and affordable for both wholesale and retail customers.

hypoallergenic, suitable for sensitive and children’s skin;

safe for humans and the environment;

has a high washing capacity;

does not contain dyes, phosphates and zeolites;

softens hard water;

protects heating elements of washing equipment from scale;

the ability to biologically decompose surfactants is more than 90%;

removes hydrocarbon contamination – fats, oils, stains of grass, tea, coffee, fruit, perfumes, etc.

The basis of TM TRONA washing powders includes sodium sesquicarbonate – an analogue of the natural mineral TRONA – Egyptian salt.

Mankind has been familiar with it for over 6,000 years. Since ancient times, the throne has been used as a means of hygiene, to clean the skin of the body,

as a disinfectant and bactericidal agent.

The product is ecologically certified according to ISO 14024 (the product is issued ecological certificate No. UA.08.002.508 “Green Crane”).

Approved by the expert commission and recommended for use.

We discuss the terms of cooperation with each client individually.

Evgenia Tishchenko

head of the commercial department


69063, Zaporizhzhia, 24 Soborny Ave

Mobile: +38 (050) 505 05 09

Mobile: +38 (067) 151 11 15


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ПП ВКФ «Полімер»