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Kapitalpromresurs LTD


Ukraine 69065 Zaporizhia, st. Electrozavodskaya 3

In 2014, the company Kapitalpromresurs, together with the Special Technological Equipment Plant of PJSC Electrotechnology, with the support of the farm Gratsia, started the production of grain mechanical seed drills Siva. During the year, a team of experienced designers, technologists, farmers and agronomists worked hard to create a grain planter, which works on the technology No-Till. The tests carried out in the fields of the farm “Gratsia” showed excellent results in seed germination, simplicity and reliability of the design of the “Siva” seed drill 3.6 No-Till technology.

Seeders “Siva” fully adapted to the domestic conditions of operation and maintenance, which compares favorably with foreign analogues. All threaded connections are metric, and therefore there are no problems during maintenance, repair or quick replacement with new ones. Bearings, cuffs and chains comply with state standards.

Seeders “Siva” do not need pre-treatment, which means:

1. Fuel economy.
2. The release of technology.
3. Savings on the cost of wages to machine operators.
4. Reducing the complexity of the seeding process.
5. Increase sowing speed.