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Antenna str., 11, Zaporizhzhia, 69005

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UROZHAI, UKRAINIAN-SPANISH LLC was opened in 1995, when dozens of private mini-bakeries first began to appear on the site of non-working bread factories. However, this “bread” was not easy. 95% of such bakeries could not meet the demands of the consumer and closed down. Out of approximately one hundred private bakery factories, only six have survived to this day. UROZHAI among them is the largest, most equipped and well-known.

From the very beginning, the idea of the UROZHAI bakery was different from others. Three principles were put first: quality, discipline, creativity.

Unlike other mini-bakeries, UROZAI immediately purchased the best Spanish equipment, immediately invited the best technologists and immediately focused on the issue of quality control of the entire production process – from the purchase of flour to the issuance and delivery of products.

Unlike bread factories, UROZHAI bakery purchases flour from a small number of suppliers. The bakery buys only the best flour in small batches, thoroughly testing each batch. The bakery will pay suppliers more and as a result get the best of the best. Always keeps a 6-week supply of flour in stock to avoid rush purchases. The laboratory is equipped in accordance with the new European requirements, and procurement specialists with at least 15 years of work experience simply feel the flour.

A wide selection and excellent taste of products produced by the enterprise guarantee the recognition of consumers, while a stable position on the market, as well as a developed distribution network, make UROZHAY a good partner to work with.